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Welcome to my webhome.
A little about me for those of you that donít know me. You will learn a lot more on some of the other pages here.
As you probably guessed then my name is Mads, supposedly I am a nice person thatís what my friends
sometimes say but of course it is up to others to decide what they think of me.
I live in a nice part of Europe called Denmark.
I admit that like most Danes I complain about things here sometimes but to be honest from what I hear about
other countries then Denmark is a good place to live, so even if I like to travel I will probably never move to
another country. Then maybe I would...
I live in a relative small town but I like that, I am not much for big city life, I like that there is a bit of peace and
quiet besides Denmark is not that big so there is never that far to a big city if one need a bit of big town "spirit".